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March 14, 2014


Dear Sir/Madam
Please permit me to introduce myself to you. I am Hon Mensah L. Owusu The Financial Controller of the Ecowas contract procurement authority Ghana (EGCPU).
My purpose of writing to you is this: There was a contract awarded by the Tenders Board of the ECOWAS in the year 2011 and the contract has been completed and commissioned. The original contract sum was Fifty Million United States Dollars Only, but it was deliberately over-invoiced by 100%,thereby bringing the total contract sum to Hundred Million United States Dollars Only. The concerned foreign contractor has been paid his due entitlement, leaving behind the surplus sum of Fifty Million United States Dollars which is presently in the Reserve Account of the BANK.
 Now, as the present financial controller of this Corporation, I need your co-operation and assistance in order to enable me claim and transfer the Fifty Million United States Dollars abroad (into your Bank Account) for our subsequent use. I need your collaboration as a foreigner because the ethics of our Civil Code of Conduct here does not permit us to operate or own a foreign Bank account while still in active service.
Please note that after the successful transfer of the fund, I will come over to meet with you and we shall discuss my investment plans. I will offer you 30% of the total sum for your assistance.
If you are willing and able to handle this deal with me, please include the following in your response:
1. Your full names
2. Your contact address
3. Your private telephone and fax numbers
4. Your company’s name
Waiting for your urgent response to this mail.
Best Regards,
Hon Mensah L. Owusu
Ecowas Commission
ACCRA – GHANA., National Regional Headquarter. Ghana Procurement Authority/Economic Community Of West African States – ECOWAS.
(Committee and Project Overseer)

Si te creíste una sola palabra de ese mensaje entonces eres un gran tonto y mereces ser estafado, para que aprendas. Nunca, jamás, alguien que no te conoce personalmente y muy bien, te ofrecerá depositar 50.000.000 de dólares en tu cuenta corriente. Imposible.

¿Y entonces por qué recibiste este mensaje?

Porque el estafador quiere que le envíes dinero a él. Si le respondes te dirá que tú deberás pagar la transferencia internacional, los impuestos o alguna otra excusa y te pedirá dinero. Si le envías … ya encontró a un tonto.

El jamás te enviará dinero, ni un solo centavo. Porque lo que él pretende es recibir el dinero de los tontos, él jamás envía, él solamente recibe.

Esos 50.000.000 de dólares que te promete depositar en tu cuenta corriente no existen, es un cuento para conseguir que le envíes dinero. Espera que seas muy tonto y muy ambicioso. La combinación perfecta para ser estafado.

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