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Sharing Something Personal with You

January 5, 2014

Dermatology News via

Hello Friends!

We wanted to personally connect with you about a fabulous new discovery we made this past year.

(And share an EXCLUSIVE offer with YOU)

The best way we could think of was to simply share a real life story.

Do you ever lack confidence enough to accept an honest compliment? Well listen to what Daureen P, an ordinary mom from Orlando, had to say…

“I have been using Visage for about 3 months now and I’ve been given an unexpected gift.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the all natural ingredients (this is SO important to me as I grow older, I can’t afford to put synthetic chemicals on my skin. I care about what gets absorbed into my body), and absolutely appreciate the results I’ve experienced (smooth, hydrated, wrinkle free skin) … but I was surprised at the “side effects” I’ve had to deal with.

Let me explain. I have been given the opportunity to learn how to receive compliments! I mean how am I supposed to handle my clients Accusing me of joking when I am introduced as a founder, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of my own company, they assumed I was an intern. (I would like to communicate that I’m over 40 and been building my career for 20 years, BUT I do love looking youthful)

[Click Here for your reserved supply]

Trust me I’m grateful for the positive attention, but Seriously, its seems to be a learned skill to gracefully accept the compliments. I was ecstatic at how radiant my skin looked and this is literally the first product that has improved the appearance of my dark circles, that was a Huge confidence booster for me.

Visage makes me look and feel younger, and others take notice.”

 Our friends at Visage have a special offer we’d like to personally share so you can try and see for yourself. It’s a risk free trial (just pay shipping).

See it here for a limited time

Thanks for staying in touch and being a part of our family.


El estafador quiere que le envíes dinero, necesita que los tontos le envíen dinero para vivir bien y sin trabajar. Eso de “prueba gratis” y de que “sólo pagarás el envío” es una mentira, en el precio del envío ya está incluido el precio del producto, el estafador no es tonto, él jamás regala algo. Y eso, si tienes mucha suerte y recibes algo a cambio de tu dinero, porque lo más probable es que jamás lo recibas. Y si lo recibes, será una porquería que no servirá.



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