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Kuala Lumpur Program Liason Officer

January 5, 2014


Legal Admin Malaysia
Office at Mulheilm
Palais des Avenue.

The I.T.I.L Foundation would like to formal notify you that you have been chosen as one of the final recipients of Foreign Debt Recovery Committee / Inheritance Money because of Global Financial Crisis depressing and looming global financial investment and closure of some multinational companies and cooperation in most super countries of the world payments in Asian, American Region and European Region, Middle East and African Region are to receive The I.T.I.L Foundation giving out a yearly donation of $1,500.000 USD. On the 14th-18th August Meetings held in Switzerland and it was Approved by the Committee that Malaysia will be the paying Country. See this Webside:
Appointed Payment Officer
Mr. Bob Stevenson
Tel No: +60163038034
Claims Requirements:
1. Full Name:
2. Address:
3. Nationality:
4. Date of Birth:
5. Occupation:
6. Phone:

Thank you.
Kuala Lumpur Program Liason Officer
Mr. Bob Stevenson.


El estafador con la mentira de que te enviará dinero lo que realmente quiere es que TÚ le envíes dinero a ÉL.

Para ello te dirá que antes de enviarte todo ese dinero tendrás que pagar la “transferencia internacional”, “los impuestos”, o alguna otra cosa. Y por supuesto que podrás enviarle lo que te pide pero jamás recibirás un centavo.

Es que el estafador jamás envía dinero, él solamente se dedica a recibir el dinero que el envían los tontos ambiciosos.



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