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What Does Your Numerology Chart Say?

November 13, 2013

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Find Out What Your Numerology Chart Says

“As I began to read the first few pages of my numerology reading, I cried. It describes me so well, how others see me, my deepest wishes, my ambitions and passions, my past and current struggles.”
– Liza, Ohio, USA

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Numerology is perhaps the oldest science known to man. It is based on real numbers and mathematical principles that are predictable in nature.

That’s why Pythagoras, one of the greatest mathematicians in history (and someone you may remember from high school geometry), studied it so intensely! Pythagoras is known as the ‘father of numerology’ because of the great advancements he made in the science more than 2,700 years ago.

See Your Numerology Chart Reading 

Since then, there have been many more advancements in mathematics, and with it, in the science of numerology. You’ll be amazed to discover how many things in the universe can be explained by a mathematical formula.

Numbers govern much, if not most, of what happens in your life, relationships, health, and finances. By just knowing your name and date of birth, you can learn things about yourself, your relationships, and even your future that will blow your mind.

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El estafador quiere tu dinero. Con el cuento de que mediante la numerología puedes conocer tu pasado, tu presente y tu futuro tratará de convencerte de que le envíes dinero. Porque esos “conocimientos” no son gratis, claro que no, al principio te dirá algunas cosas vagas gratuitamente y si eres tan tonto como para creerle y enviarle dinero … te dirá más cosas vagas y tu dinero habrá ido a parar a su bolsillo.



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