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October 31, 2013

FedEx Express via 


We the Board of Directors Members and Committee Of IMF INTERNATIONAL MONITARY FUND is now aware of your winning prize that you have not receive your money. We write to remind you that we receive a report that your winning amount is not yet deliver or transfer to your account, the BANK and Delivery Man did not deliver your winning prize to your address as you have shown to them, After our investigation, We confirmed that you are the Winner of $2 Million Usd. We have also confirmed that until
this moment that you have not receive your Winning amount. After our numerous verifications we found out that the Agent AND BANK could not deliver your winning amount to you due to some policy and your low co-operation to them,

In regards to the above mentioned problems, We (IMF) have decided to release your winning amount directly to An ATM CARD Issued in your name without any delay.Listen Very Attentively To Enable You Receive Your ATM CARD WORTH $2 MILLION USD WITHOUT ANY DELAY.

we have arranged your payment to be paid to you through ATM CARD. An ATM Visa Card have be issued in your name and your $2.000,000.00 usd\ (Two Million United states Dollars).have been loaded into the atm card, and ready to be deliver it to your postal address with the Pin Number, as to enable you withdrawal your funds from any Bank ATM Machine in your are therefore advised to contact the FedEx Courier Company In India, this is so because the United Nations Commission and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Government has chosen India Trusted Fedex Company to Deliver your atm card to you

Note that we have been able to pay the re-activation fee and the delivery of your ATM Card. I paid it because the ATM Card worth of $2 million has less than Seven days to expire and when it expires, the money will lost to the Federal Government treasury account . With that I decided to help you pay off the money so that the ATM Card will not expire, because I trust that when you receive your ATM Card definitely you must pay me back my expenditure and even compensate me for helping you. Now i want you to contact FedEx Express with your Delivery address your prefer the delivery so that they can deliver your ATM Card to your designated address without any delay. Like i stated earlier, The delivery charges has been paid but i did not pay their official keeping fees $95 since they refused. They refused and the reason is that they do not know when you are going to contact them and the demur rage might have increased.

They told me that their keeping fees is $95 as i made the deposit yesterday, So you are advised to contact them immediately to avoid the security keeping charge increase.Below is their Contact Information’s, Contact FedEx Company: Dr David Robert. FedEx Express Email: ( Tel: +919560730525 Contact them Today To enable you receive your ATM CARD within 48 hours and let me know once you receive your card. and send them your full delivery address.

Your Full Name……………………….
You’re Address……………………….
You’re Phone Number ………………
Your Occupation………………………
Your age…………………………….
Your Sex…………………………….
FedEx Email:

While sending them the above listed details, Remember to ask FedEx Company on how you will pay their required Keeping Fee $95 usd Only which is the only money you will pay to them for immediately Delivery of your ATM CARD.
Best Regards,


El estafador, con el cuento de que me enviará dinero lo que realmente quiere es que *yo* le envíe dinero a *él*. Lo del dinero que supuestamente gané es puro cuento, una completa mentira, lo único cierto es que quiere *mi* dinero.

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