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Are You HARMING your body and aging faster?

October 23, 2013

Truth About Foods via

Are You HARMING your body and aging faster?
See Which Foods Cause You to Age Faster

Do you eat these foods that HARM your blood sugar and age your joints and skin faster? Some are even deceptively marketed to you as “healthy” by giant food corporations. Avoid or minimize these and look 5-10 years YOUNGER than your real age.

Due to biochemical reactions in your body that occur with every type of food you eat on a daily basis, some foods age you FASTER than your real age, while other foods help to FIGHT aging.

Three of the processes that go on inside your body that have a MAJOR impact on your rate of aging are called “glycation”, “inflammation”, and “oxidation”. When we talk about aging, we’re not just talking about wrinkles on your skin, but…

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Otro fulano que quiere estafarme con una fórmula milagrosa, fórmula que por supuesto solamente él conoce, y que me dirá cual es … después de que le pague claro, no es gratis.




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