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Your Payment is ready Contact the Equity Capital Bank for your payment now( equitycapitalbanke@yahoo

October 13, 2013

ATTN: Sir/Madam <>

ATTN: Sir/Madam

This Message is direct from EQUITY CAPITAL BANK LTD Nigeria, We held a meeting with Western Union Manager Nigeria Yesterday concerning all the Pending Payment Transactions that is in our office files to know the People that did not receive their Payment and your name was included for one the customers that did not received Payment, after the meeting is over, our director made us to know that we should contact the pending Payment Customers E-mails and emails them to know that their Payment are ready now to be paid.

We have 3 options on how you will receive your Payment from EQUITY CAPITAL BANK LAGOS NIGERIA, (1) Bank to Bank online wire Transfer?, (2) Through ATM CARD?, (3) through Diplomatic Delivery, all you needed to do is this, Urgently Contact EQUITY CAPITAL BANK with this E-mail address,( ) for your online Bank Transfer, ATM CARD or Diplomatic Delivery Payment $1,200,000 One Million Two Hundred Thousand United State Dollars only, Please, you have to contact the EQUITY CAPITAL BANK, for your online Bank wire Transfer or ATM CARD or Diplomatic Delivery Immediately with your information such as:(1) your Banking Details, (2)full personal delivery address,(3) Drivers license copy ID, (4) occupation and direct cell number and send to them $100,only with this information bellow to able them re-confirm your Payment file Today so that the Bank Director will Urgently proceed on your behalf Payment process procedurs Immediately you finish reading this mail.

DIRECTOR NAME: Dr. Dave Gounod
H.O.D Coordinators: Mr. Mike Bellman
Approval In charge of sign and stamp Documents:Barrister. James Izu
ESCROW ONLINE TRANSFER SECTION OF Equity Capital Bank Secretary:Mrs. Rita Bambi
Kindly contact the Equity Capital Bank now and send to them only $100, with this information bellow for approval and re-confirming your payment file, don’t delay for this last opportunity.Waiting to hear from you back Immediately you finish contacting the Bank Director today.


Receiver name ——-Nnalue Onyeka
Receiver Country—–Lagos Nigeria
Address—————No 7175 Victoria Island Lagos Nigeria
Test Question———Full
Test Answer——–Assurance
Amount———–$100. only

Thanks for your cooperation.
FOR ENQUIRERS..HOTLINE::+234-7033-682-888
Mrs.Laura GUZMAN


Este estafador, en un inglés bastante malo, me dice que recibiré 1.200.000 dólares … si previamente le envío 100 dólares a él.

Desde luego que los 1.200.000 dólares prometidos jamás llegarán, ese es el cuento que utiliza el estafador para que la gente le envíe dinero a *él*.

Supuestamente el mensaje lo enviaron desde un Banco … pero el e-mail es de Yahoo, no de un Banco. Los e-mails de Yahoo son gratis y cualquiera puede tener uno.

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