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Re: Available Position.

October 13, 2013

Eastern Technology Limited <>


Do you have access to the internet and have up to three hours spare time per-week? if YES, you can get paid.

Would you like to work part time or full time online from home and get paid weekly? If yes, take your time and read the below job proposal

Eastern Technology ltd is a diversified technology and manufacturing company, dealing with aerospace products and services; control Technologies for buildings, homes and industry; automotive product based in, England, United Kingdom

We currently have an opening for part or full time employees for our ever-growing Accounts Receivable Department in United States and Cananda. If this sounds like you, please read on, And consider becoming part of our company family.

The position of Accounts Receivable officer entails the following duties:

1. Checks will be issued to your name and mailed to you from our clients in USA
2. Process Checks at your local financial institution
3. Forward 90 percent of funds received to one of our branches and keep the remaining 10 percent as your wage

Our payment mode will be on commission and salary basis, for every assignment in form of check Received from clients, you’re entitled to 10% of the total worth of the check which excludes the cost of processing Western union to any of our regional office Accountant and also $1000 salary will come at every month end


Interested applicants should reply with
Full name:
Full address: ( not accepted)
State, zip code:

Kindly email the above requested information. Once received, one of our Human Resource Manager will contact you through email stating the status of your application

Please specify the best way to contact you in your reply.

John Wills
Director, Human Resources
Eastern Technology Limited


¿Un e-mail no solicitado ofreciendo un trabajo? Hmmmmm, eso tiene un tufo considerable a estafa. Si le respondes lo más probable es que te digan que sí te darán el trabajo pero que tú debes pagar una tarjeta, algún gasto administrativo, o algo. Porque lo que el estafador quiere es que *tú* le envíes dinero a *él* y esto de que te está ofreciendo un trabajo es un cuento para conseguir su objetivo.

Desde luego que después de enviarle *tu* dinero jamás volverás a tener noticias de él, ya consiguió lo que quería, ya tiene tu dinero así que ya no le interesas.




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