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Compensation Award/United Nation

October 4, 2013

Mr. Tony Morba <>

Good Day,

This is to inform you that your Compensation fund of US$5.5Million has been approved today and will be deliver to you through the service of CORIS BANK FOR AFRICA INTERNATIONAL and you have Three option that you are advise to choose to enable their head office to commence with your payment.

 (1) First Option Code (0033): By ATM MASTER CARD. Provide Your Mobile Phone Number and Home Address where you want to receive your ATM MASTER CARD along with your Full Name, Sex and Age.

 (2) Second Option Code (0017): Paying You through Western Union Money Transfer. Provide Receiver’s Name With Text Question and Answer together with your mobile phone number to enable them send your Payment of $5000 MTCN to you, they will be sending $5000 per day to you.

 (3) Third Option Code (005050): Paying you through Bank To Bank Transfer, Then provide Your Banking details, such as: Your Bank Account, Name of you Bank, Beneficiary Name, Your Mobile Phone, Home Address, Name Of Your Country & City, Next Kin.

 Meanwhile, you are advised to forward these details to the office below together with the option you choose with option Code Number:

 Reply now to the head office on direct:

Contact person: Barr. Dan Peterson

Bank name: Coris Bank Of Africa

Email: ( )

Phone: +22 967 924 606

 Your Fund will be delivering to you within a maximum of 48 hours on receiving the requested details from you. The information should therefore be sent in the manner stated below to ensure that no mistake is made. So they will commence with your payment immediately.

 Best Regards,

Mr. Tony Morba
Compensation Award/United Nation Swissland


¿Recibiré una compensación por valor de 5.500.000 dólares? que bien, que gusto … si fuera verdad. Pero no lo es, es una mentira, un intento de estafarme. Con el cuento de que recibiré ese dinero el estafador me pedirá que antes le envíe dinero a *él* para pagar la “transferencia internacional”, los “gastos bancarios” o algo así.

Su intención al enviarme este correo basura es conseguir que *yo* le envíe dinero a *él*.

¿Y todo ese dinero que prometió enviar? pues no existe y jamás existió, es un cuento para que los tontos ambiciosos le envíen dinero a *él*.

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