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September 24, 2013

Carman Lapointe-Young <>

(Internal Audit Monitoring Consulting and Investigations Division).
This message is in regard of your compensation payment for the sum of US$ 1,550,000.00 ( One Million FIVE  HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND UNITED STATE’S DOLLARS) ONLY.
Following series of complains from the FBI and other Security agencies from Asia , Europe Oceania , and United States of America respectively against the Federal Government of Nigeria for the rate of corruption and scam activities Going on in this country by scam artists operating in syndicate all over the word today, the united nation deems it necessaryto look in to this trend and this was discussed upon during the last U.N. meetings held at Abuja Nigeria in which a decision was reached to compensate noted victims of this operation and we has been working with the Economic and Financial Crime Commission of Nigeria (EFCC) over this ugly act since then with U.N delegate there in Nigeria . however, the motion of compensating victims has just been approved by the present government of president Good Luck Ebele Jonathan based on sequence Pressures of the U.N and you are amongst the 78 listed beneficiaries according to the list submitted to my office yesterday by the U.N delegate appointed to harmonize this proce

As informed, the sum of US$ 1,550,000.00 is offerred to victims due to the total  amount released by the Goverment at present and number of noted victims in record.
this payments is being partly monitored by EFCC and the U.N, so there’s absolutely No question of any uncertainty over receiving of your compensation fund, everything is under adequate control. you are also advise to report if any problem in this regard.
The corresponding paying Bank is CITI BANK NIGERIA LTD.
due to certain mix-ups and corruption in Nigeria system; payments is being made by Visa® Gold Check Card as ATM method was considered suitable for this process as advised and directed by the EFCC and CBN Governor with the guideline of the WBFS.  An ATM card will be send to you with which you will use to withdraw your fund from any part of the world At ATM machines in your Location (anywhere you see the Visa®, Plus®, or Star® logos). but the limit is $10,000.00 per day. the only money you will need to spend upfront to this regard is the $450 total delivery cost of the ATM card to you as no right of probable deduction of any kind was Granted to the paying Bank due to same related reasons of corruption and otherwise. the $450  includes all related coverages neccesary for safe delivery of  the funds to you as advise by the EFCC. upon receipt of your above delivery cost your ATM card for the exact approve amount of US$ 1,550,000.00 will be send to you by the paying Bank without any hitch or delay.<

To receive your payment, contact the paying Bank below with your following information’s:
FULL NAME, PHONE, and FULL ADDRESS: (were you want your ATM card to be sent)
    Person to Contact:  Mr. Omar  Hafeez
    Citibank Nigeria Limited 27 Kofo Abayomi
    Street Victoria Island Lagos Nigeria .
    PHONE: 234 1 4173201
Note: all listed beneficiaries are provided with a code which is (UNGNP06654) this you most mention to the paying bank to be recognized. you are to either include it in your mail using it as subject or mention if contacting by phone.
Lastly;  according to the update report from the U.N Delegates, Your contact information was found on the list of one of the Syndicates arrested by the EFCC who consequently confirmed you as one of their victims. You are hereby warned to stop further communication with them and not to duplicate this message for any reason what so ever as the EFCC and U.S. secret service is still on trace of the other criminals so keep it secret till they are all apprehended, this also for the best of your interest, as they are all scam artists/impostors AND WILL OFFER YOU NOTHING!.
I wish to inform you that this is no hoax mail or anything of such nature. If you wish of receiving your compensation simply follows my given directive and it will be paid to you as inform no doubt about it. the bank will inform you with detail on how you send them the $450 delivery cost when you contact them. And remember to include the above code in your mail to the Bank  (UNGNP06654)
 Sincerely yours.
Carman Lapointe-Young  – Under-Secretary-General for Internal Oversight Services

El estafador escribió un mensaje bastante largo para tratar de convencerme de que *yo* le envíe dinero a *él*. Ese está totalmente loco si cree que le enviaré 450 dólares, ni un centavo partido por la mitad recibirá de mí, ni este estafador ni algún otro. Con el cuento de que fui estafado me dice que el gobierno de Nigeria me “compensará”. Nigeria es un país pobre, no tiene dinero para regalar a los tontos que fueron estafados mediante la conocida “estafa nigeriana”. Si alguien ya fue tonto y le estafaron y recibe el mensaje de arriba y le cree al estafador, entonces será estafado dos veces y quizás hasta se lo merezca para despertarse y no creer en estos cuentos.

¿Cuál es la probabilidad de que alguien quiera regalarte 1.500.000 dólares, por el motivo que sea?. Cero. Es totalmente imposible que te regalen tanto dinero. Quien cree que sí es posible sin ninguna duda es un tonto, y un buen “pichón” para los estafadores.

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