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Kindly Attention Please

September 21, 2013

Mr Donna James <>

Kindly Attention Please.

This Is Very Urgent Our Operation Manager Is Trying to Send Your First Payment Of
$5000.00 To You out of you total sum of $3.5million dollars, Here Is What We Needed From You To Complete The Transfer,

You’re Name, Your Address Id Card Copy And Your Telephone Number: Note
That The Only Fee Request From you is to renew you payment Files before you will start receiving them Which Is
Sum Of $80 dollars Only,

Bellow Is The Information You W ill Use To Send The $109 Dollars

2. CITY:===============COTONOU
4. QUESTION=============GOOD?
5. ANSWER:=============NEWS
6. AMOUNT:=============US$109.00

Western Union Manager : MR.Jerrome Smith
E-Mail ::(
Your Urgent Responds Is Highly Needed.
Best Regards,
Donna James

The information in this e-mail and any attachment(s) here to is only for the use of the intended recipient and may be confidential or privileged. If you are not the intended recipient, any use of, reliance on, reference to, disclosure of, alteration to or copying of the information for any purpose is prohibited. Any information not related to SAE’s official business is solely the author’s and does not necessarily represent SAE’s view and is not necessarily endorsed by SAE. SAE shall not be liable for loss or damage caused by viruses transmitted by this e-mail or its attachments. SAE is not responsible for any unauthorized changes made to the information or for the effect of such changes.

Vaya, otro estafador utilizando el viejo cuento de la estafa nigeriana. Seguramente no faltarán algunos tontos que le crean y le envíen esos 109 dólares pedidos, lo cual hará muy feliz al estafador quien podrá darse la gran vida con el dinero que le envían los tontos. El estafador envía este mismo mensaje a miles o posiblemente millones de e-mails, si cae aunque sea uno de cada mil, ya tendrá unos cuantos dólares para gastar.

Además, para disminuir la probabilidad de que el receptor del mensaje lo muestre a otra persona quien le pueda decir: “¡¡¡no seas tonto, no le envíes dinero, es una estafa!!!” el estafador dice que el mensaje es confidencial, etc. Lo cual es falso porque si no acordaste previamente con él mantener sus mensajes confidenciales nadie te puede obligar a hacerlo. Y mucho menos cuando se trata de correo basura y de un evidente intento de estafa.

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