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September 14, 2013


Dear Friend, I hope my mail will find you and your family in good health. My name is Zinab Hassan, I know it will be a big surprise for you to receive my email because emails like these fly over the internet telling people about funds and every other thing but,I always receive offers from the internet which I normally delete because I believe they might be scam letters but please I beg you and I swear to the Allah I worship that what I’m telling you is not a joke or a scam.If you follow everything I have said in my letter both of us will be happy for the rest of our lives. I’m from Libya and my husband was one of the late Gaddafi’s son’s drivers.It was my husband who took Gaddafi’s family to Niger and Algeria when they ran from Libya.But he came back to Libya and died when their convoy was hit by NATO bomb.But he told me something very important when he was alive.He told me how he took some money from Gaddafi’s son to secret place known to him alone. He said the money is 8.6 million Us Dollars kept in a big suitcase secretly hidden and also 86 kilos of gold which he kept somewhere else. I will want to give you information about all what I am saying because seeing is believing.I am presently out of Libya because we ran out during the war. why I’m writing you is because I want you to take ownership of the funds and gold which my husband kept because if people know that it belongs to my late husband they will seize it and report to the Libyan government. my husband fought and died for his master so, please I have to keep everything secret until I hear from you. And please all what I’m saying is just known by both of us and nobody else. I have 4 children for my husband and nothing to feed them here until I can get hold of what I just told you but I still have to be very careful not to lose the money or the gold. I will share the money and the gold with you if you will assist me. Just for you to claim ownership of the money and the gold I will give you half of the money and half of the gold when it is under your control.I will tell you how you can receive the money and the gold when I hear from you. Also every other details will be given when I see your seriousness to help us receive both items. please send me your direct details and phone number so we can talk.please reply with your information. I also want you to know that the money and the gold are not in Libya.Both of them are kept in different countries.I will let you know the countries as soon as I hear from you.I hope to hear from you as soon as possible. Regards, Madam Zinab


Otro que quiere estafarme con el cuento de los millones de dólares. Si tal cosa fuera cierta ¿acaso él no conocería personalmente a algunas personas en quienes confiar todo ese dinero y todo ese oro? ¿Necesitaría estar enviando e-mails a desconocidos para ofrecerles todos esos millones de dólares? Pues no, no necesitaría. Lo que el estafador está queriendo es que *yo* le envíe dinero a *él* porque si le respondo me dirá que antes de que yo reciba todo ese dinero y todo ese oro hay algunos “pequeños gastos”, gastos que por supuesto deberán correr por mi cuenta. Y en caso de enviarle dinero, se terminará toda la comunicación con el estafador y el dinero y el oro prometidos jamás llegarán. Estos estafadores se aprovechan de los tontos ambiciosos para obtener dinero.

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