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Be purified by the blood of jesus

August 9, 2013

“Dominique-Patroza.florence <>


I Patroza.florence Dominique was born January 18, 1947 French nationality. If you send this message, you know that is God’s work, which led me you to choose between many files mails on the net for you I entrust this great responsibility I am sure you will take it as a Don blessing and a woman of good faith. It is true that I did not know you asked God, I want you to know my plans for me. I feel so bad every day, because I do not know if I will survive after the various operations. I have not had children. My greatest wish you can give me is to stay with me in prayer, because I know that you are a believer. I do not want to leave this earth without realizing that my money goes to help poor children, the poor orphans and others, a great relief. It is a great responsibility but offer you the amount of one million five thousand United States dollars for you to manage as if it was in your interest to my dear world’s desire. Sometimes I wonder why my life on planet Earth because I lived as unnecessarily. Send me directly to my e-mail discuss here (

Widow Dominique Patroza.florence.”

Una viuda millonaria quiere enviarme dinero para que luego yo lo distribuya entre los pobrecitos huérfanos. Muy noble de su parte ¿verdad?. El pequeño gran problema es que es falso, ese dinero no existe y la supuesta viuda sin hijos probablemente tampoco. El que sí existe es mi dinero que me pedirá que le envíe con alguna excusa (gasto administrativo, impuesto, tasa, transferencia internacional, lo que sea, porque lo que realmente le interesa es que yo le envíe dinero, de eso vive el estafador).

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