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From Chairman Federal Reserve Bank New York

August 6, 2013



Attn: Beneficiary,

We have this 6th day of August. 2013 received a payment credit instruction from the Federal Government of Nigeria to credit your account with your full Inheritance fund of USD 10.5 Million Dollars from the Nigerian reserve account with our bank,Federal Reserve Bank.

However, you shall required to provide the followings datas below:

{1}. Your Full Name and Address.:
{2}. Your Confidential Tel, Cell and Fax.
{3). Your Bank name and address.:
{4). Your A/c Name and A/c Numbers.:
(5). Your Swift Code / Routing Numbers.:
(6). Your Current Occupation And Your Working ID.

Thanks for banking with Federal Reserve Bank while we looking forward to serving you with the best of our service.

Mr.Ben S. Bernanke
Chairman Federal Reserve Bank New York.”

Este fulano ya se pasó de bobo, habiendo tanta gente que conoce las estafas nigerianas me dice que recibí dinero desde … Nigeria. Al menos hubiera inventado otro país, tampoco le hubiera creído desde luego pero él me parecería menos bobo.

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