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Shi Pinyin

July 27, 2013
“Hello my dear,
I am greeting you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, our personal savior who made all things possible for us, I am Mrs.Shi Pinyin sending you this personal message from the eastern ASIA, SINGAPORE. I am presently in my early 60s although I have gone through thick and thin I am still strong in the Lord and I thank him always for giving me this day as another opportunity to be among the living.
I know you must have been wondering how I came about your contact details and why I am elaborating my predicaments to you, but I want you to know that the will of the Lord for his children will never pass them by and his unconditioned love shall never lead his children to where his grace will not protect them, in essence I want you to know that destiny can only be delayed but never in life be denied.
My dear, the things I have gone through in life are weigh beyond my imagination and at times I ask myself if really this is what life consists of, actually I am suffering from multiple myeloma, a cancer of the bone marrow and insulin diabetics. This sickness has really gotten into me as it has been going on for years now, I was married to Mr.Lieu Pinyin who is now late, he worked with the Malaysian Petroliam Nasional Berhard(PETRONAS), he died in an oil spill disaster which occurred in his field of work in 1998, we were married for years without a single child.
I spent almost all my lifetime in Malaysia, because my late husband was a born Malaysian national, few years after the death of my husband, I had no choice than to relocate back to my hometown for proper treatment and rest of mind, during the process of my relocation I sold all my inherited belongings and with the compensation I received from my late husbands company, all together was $4,100,000 USD, due to the high interference of the federal government on huge funds that year, I had no other option than to secure the funds by fixing it in an escrow telex bond account with a finance company in Malaysia, Hong Leong Capital Resources Malaysia.
Presently my health is nothing to write home about, as it has gone from good to worst and I may not live any longer than six months, I am not in the best position to go through the transfer process of the funds, so I decided to utilize the funds in a Christian like manner, which is the more reason why I contacted you. I have decided to give this fund to the less privileged, motherless babys homes, cancer hospitals and more. I have since lost the ability to talk ever since the period of this illness and I just received a notification from the company requesting that I transfer the funds out of their custody as they are being privatized by sub-companies, so they advised that I bring forth a beneficiary who will assist me in receiving the funds and using it for the said purpose since I am not in a good physical state.
Making this decision was quite burdensome, but I have no other option than to give to those in need and this can only happen through you, I have chosen you as my beneficiary to handle this project because the Lord directed you to me and I know he will never let you down. As soon as I hear back from you I shall provide you with more details of the funds and that of the finance company where the funds are deposited. I am patiently looking forward to hearing from you because you alone can excel in this project.
Do remain blessed in the Lord until I hear back from you again.
Best Regards,
Mrs. Shi Pinyin.”

Después de una introducción que puede captar la atención de cualquier cristiano y después de varias frases más de pura palabrería, muy aburridas para quien no es cristiano, va a lo que realmente le importa, el verdadero motivo de haberme enviado ese e-mail, la gran cantidad de dinero que posee y que quiere transferir a mi cuenta.

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