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Dr. Donald Lucas

July 27, 2013

“Dear Friend.

I am Mr. Donald Lucas, I work in a Bank as an account officer to late Mr.Roman Blum who happened to has a deposit sum of $10.5 Million USD with our
Bank Before he died of illness last year. I have try to contact any of his relative without a success, this is the reason why i send this mail to

I want you to stand as his relative so that our Bank can release this Fund to you. With my help as his account officer everything will be okay
if only you can follow my instructions. He has no heirs to all his Fund and Estates. He also has deposit to other accounts in U.S.A, Australia and

Please read more for confirmation through this link.

All I need from you now is your CELL PHONE NO, CONTACT ADDRESS, OCCUPATION and DATE OF BIRTH. This is what i need from you to present to our Bank for the claim as the beneficiary of the Fund. As soon as our Bank release the Fund to you, we will invest the Fund in re-estate or any other business you may advise.

Hope to hear from you soonest,Please use this email to reply me back ( )


Mr. Mr. Donald Lucas

En este caso me dicen que puedo reclamar 10,5 millones de dólares haciéndome pasar por un pariente de un difunto multimillonario que no tiene herederos.

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